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Finding the Top Quality Arm Wrestling Table

Arm Wrestling TableIf you’ve experienced playing arm wrestling with friends then you probably know what kind of strength or power is showcased in the sport. With greater stakes comes greater glory, higher importance in terms of consistency in judging and equipment standards. This is the reason why the AAA or American Arm sports Association and the WAF or the World Arm wrestling Federation was created. These two organizations have set guidelines to be followed in arm wrestling that’s on competition-grade. Finding the best arm wrestling table is highly important.

Regulations from the AAA states the table in standing arm wrestling should be 40 inches tall, not considering the height of elbow pads; It should be topped with a quarter inch foam and upholstered. The table where the player should sit must be 28 inch high without adding the height of elbow pads.

The dimensions for the table must be 26 inch by 38 inch overall which also includes some features included inside the surface area. For each side, there is an elbow pad which is equidistant to the center of the table; this is made from a 2 inch-thick density foam. It is stated in the rules that while the match is in progress, the players must keep their elbow on their elbow pad.

There’s something called touch pad located on the opposite sides of the table. They are made up of 4 inch-thick highly dense foams. The match is over once a player pins the hands of his opponent on the pad. In tables made for the purpose of recreation only, these pads are positioned in parallel edges of the table. In AAA competition however, the pads are located in the table’s diagonal corner.

There is also a thing called the peg; it’s 6 inch high and is bolted to the table. The hand that is not pulling must grip and not let go of the peg for the whole match.

The table can be either a topper to be set up on another surface or a freestanding thing by itself. The topper style is a great style if you’re looking for a table for leisure purposes. It’s compact and very portable, but it does not pass as a table for arm wrestling competition. If you’ve set your sight in participating in arm wrestling, be sure to try and practice using the official table.

There are tons of things to consider when arm wrestling. There are various hand positions and techniques used in terms of performance in competitive wrestling. Choosing a technique for each match can decide if you win or lose; it depends on your personal preference, opponent’s strength and your own strength.

Something that you might want to consider is the hook, it’s referred to as the standard grip in arm wrestling. This move relies exclusively on the strength of your competitor. Another grip to consider is called top roll, it focuses on forcing the opponent’s grip to open and then using the opening as leverage.

These moves can be further enhanced by pulling your arms near your body. This technique is called backpressure. Having your arms close means giving your opponent less leverage. You can also use this knowledge to get leverage on your opponent by pulling their arm away from the body.