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The advantages of using flex belt

flex belt absMost of the people go to gym regularly in order to get perfectly toned abs and flat tummy. The core area of your body can be toned by doing various abdominal workouts. The mid-section of the body is the toughest part to keep in proper shape. Your ab muscles can be strengthened, toned and firmed by using different abdominal exercise belts. The different muscle groups throughout your core area can be toned and shaped by the EMS based abdominal belts. You can do any household activity by wearing this belt. Some of the well-known toning belts are Flex, Contour and Slender tone. You can buy the Flex belt for a decent price to achieve your fitness goals.

The Flex Belt

The flex belt is a clinically researched toning belt. The flex belt is a clinically researched toning belt. This belt works same as someone who does abdominal workouts likes sit-ups. If you compare the effects both after using the Flex belt and doing abdominal exercises most surprisingly the Flex belt is more effective.

It uses the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to provide effective results. They send the signal to the nervous system of the whole body by medical grade gel pads. Your muscles are contracted and relaxed due to these signals. You can get a flat toned stomach and perfect looking abs even while watching TV or working at your computer by using the Flex Belt.

Features of the Flex Belt

  • The Flex Belt does not produce any sound. It works quietly and it does not vibrate.
  • A person with any waist size can wear this belt because it has Valero belt that fits over 44 size of the waist.
  • The Flex Belt comes with a little bulky controller that you have to carry in your pocket. It also comes with a long cable so that you can move around freely while using the belt.
  • The Flex Belt has different programs of the electrical pulse change. It has 10 various programs with different intensity level ranges from 1 to 150. The details of your workout session are displayed by the controller visual display.
  • The Flex Belt can only be operated by you using the battery. You do not have to use this belt by plugging it into any wall outlet.
  • A fully charged battery lasts for about 4-5X30 minutes sessions.

What you get in box?

The Flex Belt is available with three electrical connection points. The three points go below or above, left and right of the tummy muscles respectively. The Flex Belt also comes with sticky gel pads. The box consists of –

  • A charger (AC) so that the battery can be charged.
  • The Flex Belt itself.
  • An extender for heavy weight people.
  • A guide to provide in depth guidance about the functions of the Flex Belt.
  • A controller unit with a set of battery inside it.
  • Three sticky gel pads by which signals are sent to the body muscles by the belt.

If you want to make your tummy perfectly flat and toned, buy the Flex Belt today to avail its benefits.